Project Description

With a successful summit rate of 97% (compared to the average of 60-70%), A&K’s Mount Kilimanjaro expeditions give you an outstanding chance of reaching “the roof of Africa.” Our experienced climbing team oversees every factor that contributes to a successful climb.

Guides and Porters

Every A&K guide is a certified Wilderness First Responder, trained in mountain craft, natural history and ecological awareness. Our guides are also trained in first aid and fluent in English, and most have completed over 200 summits. A founding member of Kilimanjaro Porter Assistance Project and a proud Partner for Responsible Travel with the International Mountain Explorers Connection, A&K is an advocate for the welfare of our team of porters. Their hard work and dedication are what make every A&K trek possible.

Comforts on the Mountain

Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro comes easier to those who are well rested — and A&K campsites are famous for their comforts. Our customized sleeping tents are the largest and most luxurious on the mountain, designed for two people (though three can be accommodated) with raised cots and tall ceiling heights. Solar-lit dining tents with comfortable tables and chairs allow you to relax out of the elements and rejuvenate during the trek. Hygienic private toilets are also exclusively available to A&K trekkers.

Safety on the Mountain

A&K climbs use the finest climbing and camping apparatus, safety equipment and communications network. On every climb, we supply and carry all safety and emergency equipment, including: emergency oxygen, a portable altitude chamber, a defibrillator, pulse oximeters, a stretcher, an extensive first aid kit and three means of communication (cell phone, two-way radio and satellite phone).

Food and Nutrition

Another key element to conquering Kilimanjaro is to maintain proper nutrition throughout your entire trek. Every meal is designed to provide the nutrition you need to reach the summit. Unlike many other companies, A&K provides fresh food throughout the entire trek, including abundant snacks between meals as well as unlimited, purified water. Special diets can also be accommodated.


While most trekkers spend a total of five days on the mountain, we schedule seven days (six nights) to allow more time for premium altitude acclimatization, giving A&K a successful summit rate of 97%.

Sustainable Treks

A&K leaves no trace on the mountain and takes pride in operating green campsites. Every A&K camp is completely portable with no fixed ground structures or plumbing, and we remove all waste and trash from our treks.

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