Allaina Kling

Title: Travel Manager

Phone: 610-243-1113 Ext. 113

Interest Specialty: Adventure, Beach & Sun, Festivals & Events, Food & Wine, Culture, History & Arts

Location: Denver, CO


    About Me

    For me there is no better feeling than stepping off a plane in an unknown destination. It wasn’t until my first study abroad trip to Cadiz, Spain that I was able to experience this unforgettable sensation. The short time I spent there ignited such a passion for travel, that I knew I had to find a career that would continue to cultivate that passion!

    Travel for me is all about the authenticity of where I am. It’s biting into a macaroon in France, surfing with locals in the Mediterranean, and spending the last night in St. Lucia at the Friday night BBQ. This type of travel stays with you forever and is absolutely unforgettable!