Cannon Spotswood

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone or Text: +1 (240) 274-1379

Interest Specialty: Food & Wine, Safari, Art & Architecture, Independent Tours, & Ocean Cruising

Location: Chevy Chase, MD and Richmond, VA

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Superb. Cannon closely watches details (e.g., air travel changes, confirmations of reservations, on-site activities that may affect the hotel stay and the like) which is something we much appreciate. We have been working with him for years and intend to continue for years to come. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the highest, Cannon scores a ten!

Cannon is exceptional! We always ask for his services for every international trip. He is careful with details, knows the hotels and airlines, and follows through with the properties during and after our stays. He is also easy yo contact and always prompts with his replies. He’s the best.

About Me:

Having spent the last 30 plus years in this ever changing industry, I wonder if you ever grow tired of boarding a flight or embarking on a ship  and discovering a new corner of the world or reacquainting yourself with a favorite old haunt.   I caught the travel bug traveling the US on a 6 week cross country driving tour at age 12 and watched the world go by…..state by state. Spending a few days at the Broadmoor  in Colorado Springs and stopping en route to the Grand Canyon in Durango – long before it became a hot spot but rather a stop to rest one’s head .  Things are less problematic in today’s travel world.  There seems to be a gem of an Inn  in almost any far flung corner of this world.  Some years later, I spent two months on a study program in Great Britain plus a long weekend in Paris and wrapping it up in Scotland (searching one day for the Loch Ness monster and we are still on the prowl).  Also, I had a French professor who traveled a great deal which was also a great curiosity for me.

Lastly, I spent my Junior Year in Paris .  Paris is a spot where one never has enough time exploring the charms of the ancient streets and discovering 21st Century like the now very accepted Pyramid and the new Vuitton Center.  There is always a great structure lurking around a corner and something to challenge you and lastly, always a great bistro to while away the hours or a very smart 3 Michelin Star….all for your pleasure and joy.  I still relish returning time and again to favorite spots but enjoying immersing in a new spot.  Each has its own way of invigorating you.  We all have limited time and therefore must pick wisely our next stop and what we will see and how it will amuse us.  So fine tune your list and then blast off for a new corner of the world.  Or simply languish in a spot you have visited many times before.  Return to the shops of Faubourg St Honore or Rue de Bac.  Or simply let the world pass you by in a chair moored along the fountains of Luxembourg gardens.

Lastly, go off the deep end and connect to the other world of animals – noble and grand, and simple and humble- in the African bush.  Some say the experience is life changing but a reflection that we are not the only living beings on this massive globe.  And if you want just a taste of the world- pick an immersive cruise of the Galapagos or a leisurely voyage up the coast of Europe seeing significant spots or small isles tucked away off the coast waiting patiently for your visit.

So, decide will it be 4 days in Paris at the Relais Christine to celebrate a special occasion , or several weeks basking in the African sun and soaking up its splendors of everchanging landscapes and the animals grazing happily unaware you are even there.  Time is the key here and the rest is having the world at your finger tips  ……..and remember what a friend told me years ago, “ Change is better than a rest.” So where do we begin and no one knows if it ever needs to end.

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-“Be update to date on your passport’s validity and shots as you never know when you might have to depart at the last minute.”