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Chris Claxton

Title: Manager, Information Technology

Phone or Text: +1 (610) 243-1139


Location: Philadelphia, PA

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About Me:

My name is Chris Claxton. I am the Technology Manager at Avenue Two Travel. I have been working the company as direct asset for many of the technological needs for several years. I started my journey with technology after college after leaving my career as a graphic designer. I am well versed in Sabre/Trams troubleshooting. I am great at building computers as well as setting up virtual work spaces for everyone.

My passion is art (specifically fine art). I was an Art Major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I love pencil and paint. I have studied the old Italian masters all through my college years. My goal is to one day travel to different parts of Europe to find the perfect shade of purple (Purple and Blue are very expensive colors to make).

Color theory is something I love highly and will often incorporate in my everyday life. I plan to travel to Fulham London for my next big trip. I am excited to see Chelsea Football Club at the Stamford Bridge Stadium in downtown Fulham, England. 


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– A big travel trip I would recommend is never be afraid to talk to locals. There is a feeling you get from interacting and having people interact with you in a foreign environment.