David Williams

Title: Manager, Human Resources

Phone: 610-243-1112 Ext. 112

Email: moc.levartowteunevanull@smailliw.divad

Location: Coatesville, PA

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About Me

Taking in the the sights and sounds of the Puerta Del Sol on New Year’s Eve in Madrid, Spain. Experiencing the crowd at a soccer match at Goodison Park in Liverpool, England. Feeling the heaviness of the air at Utah and Omaha beaches in Normandy, France. Standing on top of El Castillo and looking out over Chichen Itza in Mexico. These are all experiences that cannot be had by reading a book or looking at pictures. These are the reasons that I love to travel.

A2T’s Advisor Travel Tip

“I always try to find an out of the way spot to try local cuisine. I have found that those places are usually a highlight of my trip.”