Elin Jeantet

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone or Text: +1 (610) 296-4442

Interest Specialty: European Customized Itineraries, River and Ocean Cruising, Beach Vacations, Multi-Gen Vacations, Group travel and Escorted Tours

Location: Philadelphia, PA

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In all my travels over the years my wife and I have always trusted our travel plans to Elin Jeantet!  Her superb support providing service, suggestions, and making or changing the necessary arrangements allowed us to enjoy our experiences without worry. Elin has always been there to make the precise reservations needed to accommodate my business travel needs.  Complicated arrangements for hotel recommendations, and reservations, air, train and auto reservations, and at times when unanticipated problems arose, she provided timely and superb assistance.

Bill S

Elin Jeantet’s travel help over many, many years has been very much appreciated.  Elin Jeantet’s help arranging our trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji was extraordinary.  She helped with the purchase of round trip tickets to the destinations and guided us through the purchase of many excursions ensuring that we saw the most interesting and  unforgettable sights while we were on the  vacation of a life time.

Ed B.
About Me:

My love affair with travel began at an early age and has continued as a passion since then.  It is not surprising the that I found myself working in travel.

At eighteen, I took my first trip across the pond from my home in Denmark to the United States.  The two-week vacation turned into five months, and two years later I married and settled down in the United States.

Since then, I have travelled extensively abroad, in the U.S., and the Caribbean Islands.  For the past 30 years as a travel advisor, I have been fortunate to share my passion for the world by arranging travel experiences for my clients.

One of my personal favorite places to arrange trips to is Scandinavia.

I pride myself on being an avid listener and my goal with every client and every trip is to find a way to exceed their expectations.  Sometimes it is helping book an ultimate trip and other times it is helping book a quick drivable weekend away to help them reset and rejuvenate.  Each trip is designed to create great memories to be shared upon their return home.

I highly encourage multi-generational trips as I enjoy listening to the bond this creates in the families and how quickly they want to make it an annual tradition.

One of my other specialties include River Cruising.  River Cruising has become one of my favorite recommendations because it allows you to see various beautiful cities and towns all while having the same beautiful suite to return to at the end of the night.  Just think, exploring four to five cities and only having to unpack once!

Ocean Cruising as well continues to be one of my favorites travel specialties to help plan.  (insert sentence about why you love to help plan ocean cruising here)

Interested in sitting back and enjoying a guided tour?  I highly recommend escorted tours too.  From domestic trips around North America to faraway places around the world, having a private guided tour can make the experience of the trip exceptionally.  The things I have learned on escorted tours make them a top consideration for my clients.  From history, local culture, and restaurants to try, escorted tours are giving you access to the best in each location.

I very much look forward to working with you, creating, and making each journey a once in a life-time experience.

A2T’s Advisor Travel Tip

– “Plan ahead to do something you enjoy the first day you arrive at your vacation destination. “