Janice Rosenberg

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone or Text: +1 (412) 310-5678

Email: moc.levartowteunevanull@grebnesor.ecinaj

Interest Specialty: Family Travel, Food & Wine, Culture, History & Arts, Safari

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

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Janice is a very experienced traveler as well as experienced advisor. She knows the best way, time, method to get the most out of your vacation. I consider her advice invaluable and pretty much always do what she suggests. Working with her is very easy.


Janice has many years of experience and knows how to plan the trip of a lifetime. She has traveled all over the world and knows all of the beautiful places to go. I trusted her completely to create a wonderful itinerary for me and my daughter to travel to South America. Every little detail was planned. Every car, hotel reservation, tour, airplane tickets and dinner reservations were taken care of for us. She is the best!

About Me:

As a travel agent since 1968, I have had a great deal of experience in handling both individuals and small groups. And since 1984 I have been combining one of my passions for cooking and traveling by taking these groups on tours accompanied by a food journalist/chef to wonderful places in Italy like Sicily, Emilia Romagna,  Tuscany and Umbria. France and Napa Valley as well as Thailand have been destinations for these trips.  Because I also have a passion for Africa, I have lead many successful groups there.

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-“Before your trip lay out your clothing and money on the bed. Double your money and half your clothing.”