Jen Gotzmer

Title: Luxury Travel Coordinator

Email: moc.slevartreppohnull@tnatsissa

Location: Wisconsin

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About Jen

Jen is originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She attended the University of Colorado, Boulder and then the University of Denver, School of Law. She resided in Colorado for thirteen years before returning to Wisconsin.

As a mom, Jen has stayed busy with her three children. She enjoys traveling with them and making memories that will last a lifetime, while also disconnecting from the stress and demands of everyday life. Outside the office, she enjoys fashion and design, a great book, and any time spent with family and friends.

As an outgoing individual, one of Jen’s favorite parts of any travel experience is meeting new people. Everyone has a story and each one is fascinating in its own way. Listening to anecdotes from other travelers about their lives, country, and/or hometown while enjoying a cold beverage is something she looks forward to on any trip.

It is important to Jen to really know and understand what a client is looking for in planning any given trip and she is enthusiastic about assisting clients build wonderful travel experiences.