Jennifer Dooling

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone or Text: +1 (610) 243-1126

Email: moc.levartowteunevanull@gnilood.refinnej

Interest Specialty: Customized Travel Itineraries, International Travel, River Cruising, Honeymoon, Beach & Sun Trips, Escorted Touring, Solo Travel

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer has been very helpful assisting me with my travel plans. She listens and advises me sorting out the many alternatives under consideration. Then, just prior to leaving on a trip, she prepares me with all the details of my upcoming adventure. I highly recommend her services.


This was our first time using Jennifer! Jennifer was so easy to work with! It felt like I was dealing with a friend! We can’t wait to schedule our next vacation with her!

About Me:

I believe that there is a special intrigue that comes with exploring the world. While I spent some time representing hotels in Bermuda and the Caribbean, it was a trip to Costa Rica that really shaped my view and the way I work with clients. Experiencing the passion the locals had to maintain a sustainable country and observing the love and care they held for the indigenous birds and animals caused me to take pause – it was truly awe-inspiring.

I want my clients to always have a reason to take pause. With over 29 years of experience, I understand the importance of making all the intricate details fit together so my clients can enjoy their dream trips with ease.

A2T’s Advisor Access

– Be prepared, Be curious and Be spontaneous.  Also, always pack an extra outfit in your carry on, even on a non-stop flight.