Jess Parker

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone: 610-243-1133

Interest Specialty: Food & Wine, Independent Tours, River Cruising, Safari, Hotels

Location: Philadelphia, PA


    “When we reached out to Jess to help plan our trip, only a month before we wanted to travel, she worked fast to make our honeymoon dream come true. It was tough since everyone seemed to want to travel when we wanted to. She was upfront with me about locations and safe areas to travel as areas began to open up after the pandemic. She was able to find and book us the perfect honeymoon. She helped guide us through the COVID regulations for travel so we wouldn’t miss anything. She reached out to the resort to make sure we had all the honeymoon perks! Our trip was seamless and incredible.”

    Danielle N.
    About Me:

    I’ve traversed 6 continents and visited 50+ countries as well as 46/50 US States. To say travel is my passion is an understatement. Equally as important to me, putting others on their own journeys and seeing their travel dreams come true. I love details and complex itineraries!

    Please allow me to make your travel goals within reach. Let me inspire you and advise you. Think of me as your financial advisor who guards your travel investment, helps you with your long-term travel goals and manages your travel portfolio!