Kaitlyn Connelly

Title: Vice President, Operations

Phone or Text: +1 (610) 243-1119

Email: moc.levartowteunevanull@yllennoc.nyltiak

Location: Philadelphia, PA

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About Me:

I was fortunate to spend a year in Belgium as a junior in college. It was my first experience living with multiple nationalities and traveling on my own to a variety of different countries. Everything from the time I ate to the way I thought and identified was challenged by those I encountered along the way. Fast forward a year, I graduated skilled in psychology and writing, and found myself seeking a career where I could replicate the joy, inspiration, and energy I felt when traveling.

In my 6 years at Avenue Two Travel, I have had my hand in nearly everything from marketing, human resources, and supplier relations, to creating training manuals, setting forth policies, and running our Affiliate sales program. As a member of the leadership team with a focus on operations, my goal is to enable everyone to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Supplier Partners should reach out to me if they are interested in marketing; Prospective advisors should feel free to reach out to me if they’re looking for more information on the business; And tech companies should feel comfortable reaching out if they have tools or products that would aid in efficiency. I can act as a resource and I am happy to make introductions to other members of the team.

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