Laura Purdy

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone: 512-773-0553

Email: moc.levartronnocoesornull@arual

Interest Specialty: Beach Vacation, River Cruising, Adventure Travel, Food & Wine, Couples Trips

Location: Houston, TX

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About Me

From the moment I started working in the travel industry, I knew I’d found what it is I was meant to do. Prior to this realization, traveling was the hobby for which I’d lived and worked. When I wasn’t abroad, I would spend my free time planning my next trip. I offered to help friends plan their next trips. It was just what I loved to do.

Once deciding to transition out of my twelve-year long career as a sommelier, I needed to figure out what exactly it is that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I could never lose my love and passion for wine, but I knew that I was meant to explore it in a different way. Once it clicked that I could actually just do what I loved to do, everything fell into place, and it felt like I’d been working in this industry my entire life. I feel so lucky that I get to combine my loves for food, wine, and travel in a career that feeds my heart while helping my clients with their own explorations of the world, be it: adventuring in Southeast Asia, relaxing at a beach resort in the Caribbean, or eating and drinking across Italian wine country.

From my very first trip across the ocean as a young adult (and with each trip since), I developed that extremely freeing and sometimes overwhelming understanding of just how incredibly big the world is. It is my pleasure to help my clients enjoy that feeling while eliminating the stresses that can come with planning a trip. I look forward to helping you on your next getaway, large or small.

A2T’s Advisor Travel Tip

“Bring snacks!”