Michael King

Title: Administrator & Events Designer

Phone or Text: +1 (610) 243-1123

Email: moc.levartowteunevanull@gnik.leahcim

Interest Specialty: Food & Wine, Hotels, River Cruising, Ocean Cruising, Beach & Sun

Location: Philadelphia, PA

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About Me:

My first trip abroad was to Belfast, Northern Ireland; my mother’s homeland. This would have been the early 70’s. I can still recall the excitement as a 5 year old. As a child, I treasured using a Pan Am tote bag as my school bag. So it’s safe to say I’ve always loved to travel. I think my favorite part of any trip has been the anticipation. Taking the time to find out as much information, as I could gather, and then imagining being there.

I still get the same feeling now as I research and prepare itineraries for my clients. I believe, we all have some level of expectation and anticipation. I try to have my clients share with me what they envision and do my best to exceed their expectations.

I have been blessed to visit many parts of Europe, on my personal travels. Professionally, over the past 25 years I’ve traveled extensively to Mexico and the Caribbean. I still have many destinations on my bucket list and love to share my excitement and experiences with my clients. Travel is my passion!


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