Project Description

Mike Eberlin

Title: Air Specialist

Phone: 914-727-2964

Interest Specialty: Hotels, Beach Vacations, Ocean Cruising, Adventure Travel, Food & Wine, LGBTQ Vacations, Flight Charters

Location: Philadelphia, PA


    About Me

    I’ve had the love of travel from a very young age. When I grew up in Florida and would travel to visit my Grandparents in either Freeport, Bahamas, or Baltimore, Maryland. It’s always stayed with me until this day. Being at the airport, flying on the plane (window seat to look out on the world below) and getting to the destination for exploring and new experiences. As my career has spanned almost 30yrs., mostly in the Corporate travel side, I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing accounts, (TBWA/Chiat/Day, Virgin Records, Capitol Records, TNT/TBS/CNN, Yahoo! and SAP). I’ve worked all aspects of Corporate, from Groups and Meetings, to Entertainment and Movies, to handling CEO’s and C-Suite executives. Every day is different, that’s what adds to the excitement. Getting to know the travelers, their likes and dislikes, staying a step ahead, anticipating and working the magic which is being a successful travel agent.

    A2T’s Advisor Travel Tip –

    When in doubt, pack a carry-on bag. If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, it’s much easier to switch to another flight or airline, without having to get your checked bag off of the flight. Stay hydrated, moisturize and pack snacks.