Project Description

Niamh Tallon

Title: Travel Coordinator

Phone: 202-460-2861

Interest Specialty: Family Vacations, Hotels, Food & Wine, Couples Trips, Honeymoons

Location: Pennsylvania


    About Me

    I was born and raised in Ireland and have spent the past 10 years living in the US. My parents brought us to every corner of Ireland before we were ever taken abroad. They always said explore the world but see your back garden first. This started my passion to travel. I have visited multiple European countries during my work year abroad in Belgium and learned how solo travel through Europe is so accessible and fun. I spent every summer for the past 23 years in Turkey, and you could say it is my other home. Turkey has given me a passion for learning new recipes for the Turkish cuisine and I always recommend now to people to try do a food tour/class while visiting new countries and or places. Hotels really took my heart when it comes to travel. I can say I truly know the capabilities of what a hotel team can offer to make a stay so enjoyable. I mean it when I say I love to make people’s trips unexpectedly amazing. Multi generational families, couples, and family travel with young children would be my main specialties, as I have learned to juggle all generations of needs and wants during any trip.

    A2T’s Advisor Travel Tip –

    Take a picture of your vaccination card and save it in a “document” photo album for easy access.