Patricia Alyanakian

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone or Text: +1 (610) 296-1663

Email: moc.levartowteunevanull@naikanayla.aicirtap

Interest Specialty: Adventure Travel, Family Vacations, Golf Trips, Safari

Location: Philadelphia, PA


    About Me:

    After taking my first trip abroad in high school, I caught the ‘travel bug’.

    Of the many different facets of travel I enjoy planning adventure travel, independent foreign travel and group travel. Developing groups such as multi-generational family reunions cruising the Adriatic Sea, safari groups in South Africa equipped with wine tours and world-class golf courses, ladies get- away trips for antiques and gardens in southwest England; no group is too small for me.

    The research and fine tuning of details to deliver a superior trip for the client that meets not only their expectations, but their budget, has always been paramount to me. It excites me because I know that my clients ‘dream destinations’ are coming to life.  The last 5 years or so I have been working with an outstanding operator that specializes in private vessels.  The private sailing vessels seems to be a highlight with my clients sailing through the Greek Islands as well as the coastline of Croatia along the Adriatic Sea.

    I enjoy discovering new destinations and have been concentrating to our ‘own backyard’ and now especially in the times that we are encountering this year.

    Last year, I rediscovered Montreal, Steamboat Springs and the great Pacific Northwest: Vancouver, Seattle and Portland (Willamette Valley)

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