Patrick Millard

Title: Luxury Travel Advisor

Phone: 301-213-8440

Interest Specialty: Hotels, Beach & Sun, Family Travel, Culture, History & Arts

Location: Fernandina Beach, FL


    About Me

    My first passion in life was being a hotelier which is how I got started in the travel industry when I started working for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. After ten years with The Ritz-Carlton, my love for hotels lead me to start The Travel Maestro. At The Travel Maestro, we curate luxury travel experiences for our clients creating travel itineraries that feature some of the world’s greatest hotels and resorts coupled with only the best tour partners throughout all of the top travel destinations around the world. We specialize in luxury hotels and resorts as it is our first passion in the travel industry but we do also work with all of the top luxury cruise lines too. The Travel Maestro creates itineraries that are based upon our clients’ preferences and travel interests whether it be a couple’s getaway or a multigenerational family trip.

    A2T’s Advisor Travel Tip

    “Luxury travel is a significant investment, similar to buying a vehicle. Ensure your investment is insured and purchase a travel protection policy.”

    Patrick is ever-consistent in assisting my business and personal travel plans. His choices are always well thought out and he seems to understand instinctively what it is that I seek in my work travels and family adventures. Always highly recommended. – Steve P. Patrick was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. He understands the vibe/type of vacation we were looking to plan and he suggested hotels and experiences that aligned to our vision. Further, he gave us a manageable number of suggestions and options. It’s incredibly helpful that he is able to do that, since the primary reason we started working with a travel agent was to avoid the analysis paralysis you can get if you try to tackle planning the trip yourself via travel websites and other traveler’s reviews.

    Anna K.