Project Description

Vicki Goff Seltzer, CTC

Title: Senior Travel Advisor

Phone: +1 (610) 243-1122

Interest Specialty: Customized luxury travel itineraries focusing on Culture, History, and Art, Escorted Tours, Ocean Cruising, River Cruises, & Safari

Location: Philadelphia, PA


    Vicki is an amazing professional. No matter what tight squeeze I find myself in or what glitch in plans erupts, Vicki is able to help–efficiently and with good humor (which I greatly appreciate when I am stressed to the max!) I swear by Vicki–and so does our whole family at this point.

    Jane F

    I have worked with Vicki for many years and cannot find enough superlatives to describe her. She is knowledgeable, informed, and takes the time to understand our needs and preferences. I hope she never retires.

    About Me:

    My love of travel bloomed when my Grandparents arranged a multi-generational trip Scandinavia & Russia. Each of us were encouraged to learn each country’s history, embrace their culture & enjoy the culinary delights.

    That trip started my life and love of travel.

    Early in my career I earned my Certified Travel Counselor “CTC” certification, and took advantage of every opportunity to learn and expand travel first hand.  There are constant changes and challenges in finding the best for each traveler. By taking advantage of what the computer can offer coupled with years of planning all aspects of travel.  It seems easier than ever to plan a travel but much harder to discern fact from misinformation to find the better value.

    I have discovered there needs to be fine balance of global understanding connected for international travel, including customized itineraries. cruising, tours or family travel.

    As Travel Professional, you would consider me a generalist, this means my skills include airfare dexterity, destination awareness and a personal method to find the best solutions for each desired trip.

    My strength is knowing my clients’preferences and working collaboratively. My long time travelers appreciate quick responsiveness and attention to detail.

    On a recent trip to Scotland, the novels of “Outlander” were used as a guide to the history and cultural of the highlands.

    There are always new places to discover, so, let’s work together to design your next adventure.

    AT’s Advisor Access

    – Buy a local throwaway phone and save the numbers for all of your local guides and contacts in the phone when you arrive so you don’t have to use your regular phone and incur international charges.