Been fantasizing about that bucket list trip for ages, but never seem to find the right time? Maybe it’s time to change your mindset. Your travel advisor will take care of all the trip research and planning, so rather than waiting for the ideal moment, try focusing on the right reason(s) for you to travel now.

To lend you inspiration, here are 8 of our own favorite reasons to travel:

Woman doing Pool Meditation in Ubud, Indonesia1. To improve your health

The routines of adult life can easily overwhelm us with stress and anxiety, which take their toll on our hearts and minds. It’s important to take time off to play, engage, and relax in order to decrease cortisol (the stress hormone), soothe tension, protect the heart, build emotional resilience, and boost the immune system. Viewed in this light, vacations become as medically vital as doctors’ appointments—and deserve a regular place on your schedule.

2. To re-connect with friends and family

Unless you’ve quarantined with your besties or loved ones during these last few years, chances are you’ve dearly missed spending time with them face to face. Now that the world is once again opening up, it’s an ideal time to plan a heartfelt reunion. Convene at a villa, gather at a lake house, or take that wine country trip you’ve been putting off for years. Hug some necks, share some laughs, and re-connect with each other, for the sake of old times and your future.Backyard group of people enjoying dinner and laughs

3. To connect with new people

Has it been ages since you made some new friends? You’re not alone: as we get older, it can be harder to step outside of our usual communities and patterns to meet new people. When we’re busy, stressed, and preoccupied, striking up conversations with strangers, much less discovering commonalities, can feel taxing on our energy reserves. But once you’re away from home, with less on your mind (and quite possibly your spirit), the magic of making new connections becomes as easy as having a conversation on a plane, a meal on a ship, or even a stroll with a tour guide.

4. To help mark a life transition

Maybe your kids are away at summer camp for the first time, or maybe you’ve become an empty nester. Perhaps your divorce has become final, or you recently lost a loved one to illness. Maybe you finally got your degree, or that big promotion. Marking big life transitions with transformative trips is an ideal way to remind us of who we are, what we love, and how we’ve evolved—and are still evolving.

People touring the Dragon River in Wuyuan, Shangrao, China5. To learn something new

When you’re interested in learning a new language, or more about a country’s art, history, flora, etc., consider going right to the source.  Head to the country or region of your choice to immerse yourself in classes, guided tours, field trips to learn about the topics that catch your fancy from on-the-ground experts. You’ll not only enrich your mind and boost your self-confidence, but who knows where else your newfound knowledge will take you?

6. To volunteer for a good cause

Almost any skill you have could be used to help make the world a different place. You could spend an entire trip volunteering for a cause (or causes) you believe in, or set aside part of a vacation to help out with a project close to your heart. Help care for orphaned or endangered animals. Volunteer in a school, teaching kids English or a new skill. Join an effort to clean up green spaces and watersheds, or plant trees to counteract deforestation.  Help build community buildings or houses, or plant veggie gardens in food deserts. The possibilities are endless, but your travel advisor can help you find voluntourism opportunities that are right for you.

7. To develop your taste budsFood, green liquid, ice cream in Japan

If you’re curious about delicious, indigenous, exotic and/or unusual foods, or if you’ve always wanted to learn about wines, why not plan a trip around them? Visit a region known for its cuisine and follow ingredients from source to table, meeting chefs, procurers, and purveyors along the way, and enjoying tasty bites at every stop. Explore a wine region from vineyards to wineries to wine lists, learning how geology, climate, farming, history, and fermentation affect what’s in a wine bottle, and ultimately your glass. Once you educate your palate, you’ll always be hungry for more epicurean adventures.

8. To experience other cultures

One of the best ways to gain perspective about people in other countries is to go and meet them on their home turf. Want to see what defines family and/or community in a foreign culture? Explore homes and schools with locals, or join them in events and celebrations. Wondering about religions different from your own? Attend worship services in the company of a congregant. Curious about how government works elsewhere? Sit in on a public assembly or two. Your travel advisor would love to connect you with tours and guides who will introduce you to aspects of a country that may seem mysterious—but only ’til you experience them for yourself.


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