A brief interview with CEO, Joshua Bush on his recent Mount Kilimanjaro experience with Abercrombie & Kent –

Joshua Bush summits Kilimanjaro


After a 6 day journey to the summit following the Machame Route, what did you learn? 

Picking the right supplier, not just any luxury supplier, is extremely important to your overall success, comfort and enjoyment of an otherwise rigorous and strenuous trip.  Hands down.

Spend a day or two in Arusha or another point of similar altitude before starting your climb. More time at the elevated altitude means greater acclimatization and decreased potential for getting sick.  While the overall climb is not technical, the challenge becomes the altitude.
Selecting the right supplier and giving yourself time to get acclimated create the difference between successfully reaching the summit and failing.
Why use Abercrombie & Kent? 

The overall success rate of reaching the summit is 66%. With Abercrombie & Kent it is 97%.  All 19 people in my group made it to the top successfully.
Different than other suppliers, A&K provides large 4 person tents for one or two people allowing you to stand up in the tent. This standing component becomes particularly important when getting dressed in below freezing temperatures. This increased size also allows for cots and sleeping pads getting you as close to a bed experience as possible.
Are there enough people there to help you?
Enough? There were 140 porters for 19 travelers. They took care of everything from portable showers and toilets to multi-course meals three times a day. They were absolutely amazing and highly experienced. There are very little concerns to divert your focus from climbing. 
Multi-Course meals? Go on… 
The food is really good! Hot soups, steak, chicken, dessert – all in the middle of nowhere. You can burn upwards of 4000 to 5000 calories a day hiking at that altitude. The meals and snacks are critical to successfully reaching the summit. Cookies and Snickers bars are eaten regularly and you will still lose weight! (In fact, they watch you eat the cookies to ensure you are getting enough calories to safely continue climbing). 
Do you have a favorite photo? 
The views and scenery are magnificent. Every day the terrain changes and keeps your interest. With little to no light pollution, the entire Milky Way is visible at night.

What don’t they advertise about a trip like this? 
Modesty gets thrown out the window…you will share a lot with the group of people you are with. As a result however, you will form unbreakable bonds with those people and cultivate life long friendships. 
While I wouldn’t call this trip the most fun trip of my life, it was by far one of the most fulfilling.