Project Description

Wellness-Inspired Luxury Small Group Journeys

At the heart of A&Ks new wellness-inspired Luxury Small Group Journeys is a mission to reveal the worlds most inspiring traditions and places in a way that authentically speaks to well-being. That means a perfect balance of deeply cultural and expertly led experiences in luxurious A&K style that also enrich the mind, body and spirit. 

These new journeys meaningfully combine culture and wellness as only A&K can. Travel to iconic destinations Southeast Asia, India, Kenya and Peruwith a renowned A&K Resident Tour Director® and no more than 18 guests, all while immersing in activities and ancient practices that promote mindfulness, health and well-being, as well as unhurried stays in breathtaking accommodations noted for their wellness offerings. 

Uniquely Cultural and Expertly Designed 

A&Ks new wellness-inspired journeys combine our signature travel experience with rich opportunities to engage the mind, body and spirit in meaningful ways. That means enjoying everything youve come to expect on our Luxury Small Group Journeys intimate, culturally immersive and luxurious journeys for couples and solo travellers led by an A&K Resident Tour Director alongside wellness-focused experiences and deliberately relaxed stays that speak authentically to the places we visit. 

Immersing the Mind and Spirit in Ancient Traditions 

From a guided meditation by a waterfall with a local expert in Luang Prabang to a shaman-led ritual honoring Mother Earth Pachamama in Perus Sacred Valley to an ancestor ceremony on Indias Ganges River, experience the beautiful and timeless traditions that have shaped the cultures we explore. Inspiring private talks with local experts, such as on the healing properties of Indias ayurveda and Perus ayahuasca, provide further opportunities for an in-depth understanding of the timeless wisdom of each place. 

Designed to Relax and Replenish 

Relish at least one included spa treatment during your journey as well as a half day free of activities at each destination, offering you ample opportunities to relax and reflect. Youll also enjoy nourishing meals at your hand-selected accommodations that incorporate locally sourced, organic ingredients. 

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