Project Description

Derek Schemonitz

Interests:  Independent Tours Escorted Tours, River Cruising, Beaches & Sun Safari
Destinations:  Italy, Greece, China, Japan, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Germany, Switzerland, Taiwan, Austria
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

I’m extremely client focused & detailed, securing the best services, options and pricing for you. Working with you on a budget basis, if desired, and always with your approval. I would love to have you as a new, loyal, and always cherish my repeat clients. I want to become your travel expert.

International worldwide travel specialist, assisting with the customizing of travel plans. In all aspects of travel customization & itinerary building such as Hotels, Villas, Dinner Res, Guides, Tours, Drivers, Cars, Flights, Rail, Event & Show Tickets, Museum Reservations, Escorted Tours, Ocean & River Cruises etc…I do it all.

If you can think of it, I can do it. If you can pin it on the map, I can send you there.
As your Virtuoso Travel Advisor, I can get you exclusive luxury deals, amenities and extras, not available to you directly.

You get my services, assistance and expert knowledge base at your disposal.
I’m here for you, you’re my client, I’m your travel guru.”I Live, Eat, Breath, Sleep  Travel”. New clientele are always welcomed, and I hope that you become one of my clients.

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