Project Description

Kaitlyn Connelly

Recent Destinations: Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Puebla, Colombia, Montreal, Dubai
Location: Philadelphia

I was fortunate enough to spend a year in Belgium as a junior in college. It was my first experience living with multiple nationalities and traveling on my own to a variety of different countries. Everything from the time I ate to the way I thought and identified was challenged by those I encountered along the way. Through travel, I have fallen in love with the unapologetic honesty of a new Spanish friend, the risk standing on the back of a jeep whipping around curves in the Cocora Valley of Colombia, and the chill of the desert sand beneath my feet on a Dubai evening.

I believe that there are unlimited opportunities for happiness, transformation, inspiration and human connection and travel is the gateway. The world is so vast – the experiences and people so different, and without travel, we close ourselves off to all the beautiful potential this life has to offer.

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