Project Description

Stephanie Itule

Recent Destinations: Mexico, China, France, California, Canada
Specialties: Family, Spa, Wine & Food
Location: Tucson

I was drawn to travel at an early age through reading. Experiencing the adventures of distant lands through book after book, instilled in me a desire to create my own journeys and adventures.

When planning travel for my clients, I try to envision their “story” and how the “tale” of each trip will fit in to the narrative of their lives. I look for ways to surprise and delight them and expand their experiences beyond the facts and figures and sites.

I am fluent in both Spanish and French. I’ve lived in four countries. I enjoy art, food and drink, and mixing high-end luxury with typical, everyday experiences in every new destination. I am currently in the adventures of raising a family and can help clients navigate travel as they raise future adventurers of their own.

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