Are you ready to orchestrate peoples dreams?

At Avenue Two Travel, we don’t just plan trips for our clients, we use our expertise, experience and contacts to make their travel dreams come true. Whether they want to explore the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu or experience the rugged terrain of Africa, no dream is off limits. If you are an experienced travel advisor or are looking to get into the luxury travel industry and you are passionate about travel and experiencing the world, we want to talk to you! Career Opportunities

Are you ready to become a Virtuoso Advisor?

Have you built a great client base that deserves the best resources the travel industry has to offer? Do you want marketing support that allows you to take your sales to the next level? Would you work from home if you had the right technological support to do so seamlessly? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a switch to Avenue Two Travel might be for you. We encourage you to learn who we are and why you might want to become a Virtuoso Advisor.

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Who We Are

Avenue Two Travel, previously called Park Avenue Travel, has been a family-owned business for more than 20 years. As a leader in the luxury travel industry, we cater to upscale clients who are looking for exceptional travel advisors to create unique leisure travel experiences for them.

To enhance our product offerings and to enable us to cater to every one of our clients’ wishes, we are proud members of the Virtuoso network. Virtuoso is an invitation-only group of elite travel advisors that has special relationships with the world’s best luxury travel suppliers. These exclusive relationships enable us to give our clients incredible value as well as spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Whether its complimentary upgrades and exclusive amenities or special recognition and privileged access, Avenue Two Travel and Virtuoso offer options to our clients that no one else can.

In addition to Virtuoso, Avenue Two Travel has created a unique business model that has allowed us to grow and thrive despite turbulent times in the travel industry. Our focus on value-added programs ensures that our associates are at the forefront of industry trends, technology and training. Career Opportunities

Our back office support ensures that our advisors spend more time selling than chasing down commission checks or balancing books. At the same time, our management staff works one-on-one with our advisors to mentor them and help them with business planning and marketing strategies to ensure growth in clients, volume and overall commission yield. Our unique value proposition has enabled a company average of over $1 million in gross sales per advisor per year. Isn’t that the kind of team you want to be on? Career Opportunities

Why Work with Us

At Avenue Two Travel, we pride ourselves on our expertise, knowledge and professionalism. By working with preferred travel partners, we can provide offers and amenities that others can’t. Our preferred travel partners include:

When you work as an Avenue Two Travel advisor, you will be able to provide your clients with exclusive access, extraordinary amenities, world-class service and other luxuries not available to most advisors.

Benefits of our Virtuoso Partnership

As a member agency of the prestigious Virtuoso network, Avenue Two Travel advisors represent the top 1% of all travel advisors worldwide. With this privileged access, our advisors not only gain numerous resources and benefits, but we have access to the world’s top travel suppliers, allowing us to set ourselves apart. No other network or agency can get what we can get for our clients. Career Opportunities

Our communication channels link member agencies, Virtuoso executives, travel providers and destination resources together, allowing for unprecedented communication throughout the luxury travel industry. Member agencies receive valuable technology support, specialized training, and exclusive opportunities to participate in Virtuoso’s industry-leading conferences, meetings and events. Among Virtuoso’s tools: – Avenue Two Travel advisors have access to Virtuoso’s password-protected online database, providing front-line consultants with real-time, worldwide information and resources.
Sabre Access – Avenue Two Travel accesses Sabre through a special CRS contract between Sabre and Virtuoso, providing members with low segment production requirements, flexible terms, a wide range of choices, and reduced contract periods, permitting members to concentrate on selling travel rather than producing segments. Career Opportunities
Virtuoso Institute – Virtuoso empowers advisors with knowledge by training owners, managers and front-line consultants on its programs and services. It also offers supplier and product training, exclusive educational trips and Virtuoso’s own advisor accreditation program.
Virtuoso Meetings and Events – Avenue Two Travel advisors will be invited to attend Travel Mart, an annual travel industry summit for networking, developing new business and building relationships; The International Symposium which brings global Virtuoso partners and members together at an international destination; and Regional Meetings which focus on issues that are relevant to a specific region of the country.
Virtuoso Specialist Program – Virtuoso strongly believes that consumer leads generated by the network should be routed to the most appropriate Virtuoso sales consultant based on level of product knowledge and expertise. Avenue Two Travel advisors work with management to create specialist profiles so that Virtuoso-generated leads will be directed to the appropriate travel specialist.

Benefits of Working with Avenue Two Travel

There are 301 Virtuoso member agencies for top tier advisors to choose from. When you choose to work with Avenue Two Travel, however, we will approach you the same way we do our clients – as a dedicated team of professionals looking to provide you with full service and to make you feel like you are our only advisor. In fact, many of our advisors opt to go with us because the support they receive allows them to do more business, and ultimately make more money than they would with a hands-off agency. We provide our advisors with a unique package of services that ensures sales success, back-up and support, and general simplicity in doing business. Avenue Two Travel recognizes that with the right plan, the right technology and the right training your time is spent working with clients and not on problems and headaches.

As part of our full service package, our advisors have exclusive access to the following benefits:

Technology Services – Avenue Two Travel has contracted with a tech support company that ensures all of our advisors’ technology problems, whether remote or in the office, are fixed promptly. Through our proprietary system, a technician will fix your software issues remotely in a matter of minutes, as opposed to hours or days. If hardware is an issue, parts will be replaced the next business day. This benefit is standard to all who work for Avenue Two Travel, whether you are a home-based advisor or work in one of our offices. Less down time means more time to work with clients and book travel. Career Opportunities
Premiere Software – Our advisors have access to the best software and data via our VPN (Virtual Private Network.) This enables secure access to data from Sabre, ClientBase, MS Outlook,, a host email solution and our own Avenue Two Travel office intranet service. The VPN keeps us interconnected and helps you access information and data on all of your devices. Using the latest Microsoft Office and Adobe products, marketing, desktop publishing and color printing are easy. Through our enterprise agreement, our advisors are assured they will always be on the forefront of software technology and have the support they need to work independently as well as with the Avenue Two Travel and Virtuoso teams.
Dedicated Marketing Planning – In combination with Virtuoso, our advisors have access to personalized supplier marketing. Postcards, periodicals, emails and private websites all with individual names are created through our marketing engine. In addition, we coordinate with each advisor’s individual marketing and business plans to create special events and customized information to inform customers of the fantastic products we offer.
Marketing Support – In combination with Virtuoso our agents have access to agent personalized, supplier marketing on their behalf. Postcards, periodicals, emails, and private websites all with individual names are created through our marketing engine. In addition, we work with each agents individual marketing and business plan to create special events and customized information to inform customers of the fantastic products we offer.
Training and Education – We recognize the need for our advisors to be on the cutting edge of industry knowledge, and we actively support that growth. To continue to be industry experts, we offer sales coaching and development in addition to numerous opportunities for increased product knowledge. Professional certification is also encouraged through the Travel Institute, including CTA and CTC designations, as well as destination and lifestyle specialization programs.
Familiarization Opportunities – If you’re here, you obviously have a passion for travel, and one of the best perks of this business is to experience the products you sell. By being a Virtuoso advisor, you have the ability to see the best the world has to offer which is only enhanced by Virtuoso exclusives as well as the relationships we have built over a quarter century in the business.
Benefits – Our employees can qualify for health benefits as well as our retirement plan. We help defray the cost while also matching certain retirement funds.
Website –  Our Avenue Two Travel website is constantly growing and expanding with numerous opportunities for our advisors to develop their own content, create their own pages within the site that can be used like a blog, or set up their own independent, co-branded sites. We have harnessed the power of search engines which enables us to be easily found by anyone with a web browser. This ultimately translates into more business and more leads for our advisors. Career Opportunities